Monday, October 20, 2008

"Desperate" Frank Wolf Breaks Pledge, Goes Negative on Judy Feder!

Getting a little worried, Frank?
Congressman Wolf Breaks Pledge to Refrain from Partisan Negative Attacks
Campaign Launches Desperate Negative Attack on Feder

McLean, VA- In a sign of increasing desperation, Congressman Wolf has broken a pledge that has been the central focus of his effort to get re-elected: that the voters can count on him to stay above the fray and refrain from negative, partisan attacks on his opponents. Over the weekend, voters of Virginia's 10th District began receiving attack mailers from the Wolf campaign that are full of distortions and outright falsehoods.

"This kind of behavior is pretty surprising given Mr. Wolf's insistence that he doesn't engage in negative partisan attacks. He's clearly not being honest with the voters," said Feder campaign manager Luke McFarland.

Perhaps the most egregious attack launched by the Wolf campaign is the notion that Feder supports tax increases. In reality, Congressman Wolf has proposed the largest tax increase on the middle class in history. During the debate last week in Manassas, Congressman Wolf endorsed Senator McCain's plan to tax health care benefits.

The McCain-Wolf health care plan would leave millions without health insurance and would shift costs to individuals and working families who are already hurting. Congressman Wolf's plan for a new tax credit for health care is paid for by taxing employees' health benefits for the first time ever. This tax punishes those who currently have real health insurance, and over time will result in higher taxes for tens of millions of middle-class families.

"I suppose it's to be expected, when you don't have any issues to run on, the only option you have is to call your opponent names and distort the record by making false claims. That's clearly the strategy they're pursuing," concluded McFarland.

I can just hear that song now. How does it go again? Oh yeah: "na na na na, na na na, hey heyyyy, good bye!" :)

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