Friday, October 17, 2008

Frank Wolf Supports Largest Middle Class Tax Increase in History!

From the Feder campaign, bolding added for emphasis.
October Debate Surprise: Wolf Supports Largest Middle Class Tax Increase in History

Congressman Wolf Supports McCain's Radical Health Care Tax

McLean, VA — In a stunning reversal of his position against tax increases, yesterday Congressman Wolf endorsed the largest middle class tax increase in history. During the Thursday evening debate in Manassas, Congressman Wolf endorsed Senator McCain's plan to tax health care benefits.

"Last night, after 28 years of zero leadership on reforming the health care system, we finally heard the truth about Congressman Wolf's plan for health care reform: that while he would offer tax credits to help families pay for insurance, he would pay for them by taxing health care benefits for the first time in history," said Feder campaign manager Luke McFarland. "Even more disturbing, is that what Congressman Wolf failed to mention is that while the McCain-Wolf health care tax would come directly out of taxpayer's pockets, the tax credit would go directly to the insurance companies. It's a typical Washington bait and switch."

The McCain-Wolf health care plan would leave millions without health insurance and would shift costs to individuals and working families who are already hurting. Congressman Wolf's plan for a new tax credit for health care is paid for by taxing employees' health benefits for the first time ever. This tax punishes those who currently have real health insurance, and over time will result in higher taxes for tens of millions of middle-class families.

In addition, by taxing employee health benefits, the McCain-Wolf plan will make it more expensive for employers to provide coverage. As a result, independent analyses show that employers could drop 20 million people from coverage and force them to seek insurance in the individual market, with higher costs, fewer benefits and no protections for pre-existing conditions.

"That Congressman Wolf would support such a thing is almost stunning. Either he hasn't been up front with the voters about his position on taxes, or he simply doesn't understand the proposed plan he just endorsed," said McFarland. "Either way, it's definitely the gaffe of the campaign season given how badly this issue has gone for McCain in the presidential race. Instead of fixing health care, they want to tax it? If Congressman Wolf believes that raising taxes and taxing employees health care benefits for the first time in history are the way to win re-election in Virginia's 10th district, he's completely out of touch," concluded McFarland.

Wow. After 28 years in Congress, Frank Wolf has completely lost it.

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