Sunday, October 5, 2008

Will Frank Wolf Condemn Sarah Palin for Opposing Sudan Divestiture?

Hey, Rep. Wolf, maybe next time you're on stage with Sarah Palin, you might want to ask her why she opposed divestment from Sudan and its genocidal regime. Perhaps you could also inquire as to why she outright lied about this subject the other night in her debate with Joe Biden. The fact is, Sarah Palin "initially opposed the divestiture" and the "Alaska Permanent Fund still invests in companies blacklisted by the Save Darfur Coalition."

I just thought you'd be interested in this, Rep. Wolf, since you are so passionate (and rightly so) about this subject. Will you condemn Sarah Palin for opposing divestiture and for lying about the fact that she did?

P.S. See 3:00 of the video above for Sarah Palin's lie about Sudan.

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