Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When Congressman Wolf's Goons Attack: Part 2

Gary Lofton is a member of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. Lofton is a Republican, elected in January 2008, who represents the Back Creek area. Here is what Lofton had to say about the incident the other day, in which he pinned a Judy Feder campaign staffer against the wall of a hotel.

Lofton, a member of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, denies he pinned Goodman against the wall.

"I was merely trying to engage him in a dialogue that might disengage him from his disrespectful behavior, as well as try to determine if I could help him get an answer to his questions," Lofton said, adding that he offered to buy the young men lunch or coffee to try and talk to them in a calmer setting.

Now remember, Gary Lofton - the guy who is totally in the Feder staffer's (Matt Kent's) face, yelling and badgering him in a threatening manner - is a sitting, elected official on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. Can you imagine if a Democratic elected county official, let's just say Gerry Connolly for the heck of it, did this to one of...oh, Keith Fimian's staffers? That's right, the Republicans would be going apes***, blaring this to kingdom come.

In sum, the Feder staffers, Matt Kent and Josh Goodman, were simply trying to get answers from Congressman Wolf following a debate, in a public location. Meanwhile, one Wolf staffer - Ben Dutton - assaulted Matt Kent with a cane, while a close Wolf ally - Frederick County Board of Supervisors member Gary Lofton - held Josh Goodman against the wall and also got in Matt Kent's in an extremely aggressive manner, as you can see in the video above. For more, please see the full video (at the bottom of this post), presented simply so that everyone can see that the Feder campaign isn't trying to hide anything here, that all this was sequential, and to give the complete picture of what happened.

The bottom line here: apparently, if you try to ask Frank Wolf questions, his goons verbally and physically assault you while Wolf stands by and does nothing. This is not acceptable behavior for anyone, let alone a member of Congress. After this incident, not to mention his nearly lockstep voting record with George W. Bush, it's time to make Frank Wolf a FORMER Congressman on November 4.


woodfin said...

mr. feld,

these attacks are completely assanine and you are doing a service to your candidate. i am a voter in the tenth district and have completely appauled by the feder's attempt at fueling an "october surprise." to a certain extent i can understand using trackers with the success they had two years ago with the maccaca-gate, but to extent that these guys are badgering is obscene. like him or not politically, there are very few people on earth that are going to argue with the fact that congressman wolf is a decent human being - with that said - he deserves a little respect.

those hired kids deserve no part in being in politics and this tracking or baiting a congressman or his staff to react his bush league. feld/mcfarland have obviously come to the conclusion that anything goes in campaigns.

for heaven's sakes man the 83 year old man has had two strokes this year and you are calling him a goon?

this is going to blow up in you guy's faces - trust me.

for the truth watch this video from people who were there to support judy feder.

Lowell said...

Getting worried, eh? :)